Monday, 2 May 2016


Contrary to claims credited to one Mr James Ayeni, a resident of Ijaiye Low Cost Housing Estate,Lagos that a piece of land beside Keke High School sold to Jotito Vanni Limited by LSDPC is intended for an hotel has been described as mere fallacy, deliberate distortion of fact and a planed campaign of calumny.

Mr. Seun Olukoga, Project Manager, Jotito Vanni Limited, speaking said "We acquired the land since 2006, we have building approval for blocks of residential flats. Lagos State Government will never approve the siting of an hotel within a residential estate such as this ."

Speaking further,  "LSDPC has the certificate of occupancy for the entire estate of which this particular land form part of. We have all our documents obtained and registered with Lagos State Development and Property Corporation (LSDPC) and Lagos State Government, they are all verifiable".

Narrating the genesis of the drama Olukoga said " On Friday, May 16, 2016 they came to stop us from working at the site. They took us to the police at Area G, we tendered documents establishing us as the authentic owner as well as our plan to build residential flats on the land. We have had two subsequent appointments with the  DPO pen cinema, they have failed to turn up".

He also stated that "this deliberate spreading of falsehood is to demonize the project and he believes that the man, Ayeni is acting out a clandestine script for some unknown interest.

We are law abiding citizens we will not do anything outside the ambit of the law. Let us make it clear, we have no intention to build a hotel on the land. Our approved plan is for residential flats.We have already commenced construction."

He clarified that the claim that the piece of land is the playground for the school is not true. The piece of land is fenced out and outside the school premises, that if indeed it is for the school it won't be fenced out and LSDPC would not sold the land.

"As far as we are concerned, there is no contention whatsoever as to who owns title to the land. We have always been in possession since 2006 and we have continuous  unfettered access. The project will be completed soonest and their falsehood will finally be exposed."

"We trust that well meaning members of the society will not be deceived by this interlopers nor will the good government of Lagos state be goaded into taking unwarranted action."

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