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Kcee is confused, frustrated - Alterplate team

A famous saying goes this way, ‘a confused man is much more an angry and frustrated man. To be honest, going by my newest resolve to not for any reason celebrate mediocrity, laziness and talentless people, I would have chosen to be quiet and pretend as if nothing happened yesterday, January 27, 2017, but giving my role as a journalist as well as a high ranking member of Nigeria’s most talked about music company, Alterplate, I have been ‘arm twisted’ sort of to write this statement and to formerly address the concerns of our friends, well wishers, family and fans who are currently savoring our newest sound, Samankwe.

It was 8 am and policemen acting on the instruction of the Assistant Inspector General of Police in Onikan, stormed our hotel room to invite Harrysong over for questioning.

As a law abiding citizen with nothing to fear, we got dressed up and set out for the AIGs office and on getting there, we were greeted by the presence of a haggard looking young man in cheap pair of suit, identified as Five Star Music lawyer.

His awfully shallow reasoning became so evident when he was called up to defend the petition he prepared on behalf of his client (Five Star Music). He suffered a hard time convincing the AIG and his men, including a visiting Commissioner, why the charges against Harrysong were criminal rather than civil.

Even before any member of our camp could voice a word, the visiting commissioner ( from the way he sounded, a very learned and experienced officer) frowned at the concocted charges and recommended that they dropped the petition and rather file a suit in a civil court instead of bringing the police into the picture.

In view of the lies peddled on some social media platforms, I wish to state here clearly that, 1) Harrysong was never whisked away by some mobile police officers to an unknown location; 2) It wasn’t an arrest but an invitation by the AIG, a high ranking police officer, which he honoured. 3) A supposed breach of contract as captured in their petition is a civil and not a criminal case.

On the other hand, as against the kangaroo statement released by Five Star music earlier today. I wish to also state that Harrysong did not at any time approach anyone or company to sign him; it was rather the other way round.

Kcee approached Harrysong on bended knees to help salvage his dying career after he fell out with his then partner. As much as Harrysong loved to help him out in that time of need, it is worthy of note that;

1. He (Kcee) was talentless and knows next to nothing about music.

2. Harrysong had a running contract with Questionmark Records, but out of desperation, Kcee and his Five Star Music were prepared to pay off Kelvin Luciano in their quest to have him (Harrysong) at all cost. It would be recalled that Harrysong succeeded in recreating Kcee’s sound, wrote and co-produced his first meaningful single, ‘Had it been I know’, followed by ‘Okpekete’, ‘Limpopo’, ‘Pull Over’ and other songs that defined the Kcee that everyone now knows and celebrates today, all pro bono.

For what it’s worth, Harrysong’s dealing with Five Star Music was with the clause that he would be left to pursue his career whenever he deemed it fit.

As the case may be, we are not surprised at the turn out of things and why Kcee-led Five Star Music has chosen the way of reproach rather than that of honour. The earlier they wake up to the reality that Harrysong had long dumped them in a trash bin and moved on, the better for them. I can tell you for free, he is not coming back.

And to our fans and the general public, I wish to apologize on their behalf and to leave you with these words, ‘Kcee is confused and as such frustrated and we can understand’.

For the records, Alterplate has come to stay and you are free to do business with Harrysong and Alterplate Management, we are indeed the real deal.

The above is written by Desmond Ike Chima for Harrysong and Alterplate

Nigeria seizes $1.2bn oil field and announces prosecution of Shell and Eni for alleged corruption

Nigeria is seizing back one of Africa's richest oil blocs and will prosecute petroleum giants Shell and Eni in a $1.2 billion corruption scandal that has drawn investigators from the United States, Italy, France, Switzerland and Holland, according to a Nigerian Federal High Court document.

The court on Thursday ceded control of Oil Prospecting Licence 245 to the government while the West African country's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission investigates and prosecutes suspects in the "Malabu Oil scam," according to a statement from the commission.

The commission's petition to the court says Dutch-British corporation Shell and Italian Agip — now Eni — bought the bloc in 2011 knowing the transaction was "fraught with fraud" and that the $1.2bn payment to former petroleum minister Dan Etete and his allies was a bribe. The state oil company got only $210m from the deal.

The government is preparing further charges of "conspiracy, bribery, official corruption and money-laundering" against Shell and Eni, the petition says.

Criminal charges already have been filed against both companies and several executives in an Italian court in Milan.

"This is historic. Generations of Nigerians have been robbed of life-saving services while oil men have grown rich at their expense," said Simon Taylor of the anti-corruption body Global Witness. "Companies and their investors must understand they can no longer do backdoor deals with corrupt officials without paying a hefty price."

Eni has not received notification of the court order, spokesman Roberto Carlo Albini told The Associated Press. "Eni denies any wrongdoing," he said. Shell Nigeria spokesman Bamidele Olugbenga Odugbesan said he had no comment.

The oil companies paid the $1.2bn into a Nigerian government escrow account at the London branch of JPMorgan Chase, and former justice minister Mohammed Bello Adoke authorised its distribution.

The commission last month filed charges of fraud and money laundering against Etete, Adoke and businessman Aliyu Abubakar.

The petition says Nigeria's former military dictator Gen. Sani Abacha and Etete used front men to form Malabu Oil and Gas Ltd. and illegally awarded themselves OPL 245. After Abacha's mysterious death in 1998, the company directors and shareholding was fraudulently altered to divest Abacha's son, Mohammed, it says.

The Malabu bloc was seized by the government once before, by the civilian government of Olusegun Obasanjo in 2001. Malabu Oil sued and an out of court agreement returned the bloc to the company.

Friday, 27 January 2017

When Gani Adams Stormed Ile-Ife For Oodua Festival exclusive pictures

Thrills, frills, as Gani Adams storms Ile-Ife for Oodua Festival

National Coordinator of the Oodua People’s Congress, OPC, Otunba Gani Adams, on Wednesday arrived at Ile Ife, Osun State, to kick off the annual Oodua Festival, which took place on Thursday
Adams is the Chief Promoter of Olokun Festival Foundation, OFF, organisers of the Oodua Festival, an offshoot of the OPC, saddled with the responsibility of promoting the culture, tradition of, and moral values among the Yoruba race.
The ace Yoruba heritage propagator, Adams, stormed Ile-Ife with fanfare, accosted by several top members of Nigerian media and entertainment industries as well as a retinue of members of OPC who trooped in from many states of the federation and their Oodua Progressives Union, OPU, counterparts from several contries of the world.
The annual Oodua Festival kicked off on Wednesday night with the Beauty Pageants Contest which featured sleek looking ladies in series of fitting dresses that sent sparkles into the sky to add colour and glamour to the charged atmosphere at Hilton Hotels, Ile-Ife, venue of the event..
On Thursday, the Festival moved to the palace of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi Enitan, The Ojaja 1, where the grand finale of the 2017 edition of the Oodua Festival held at the Palace Square.
Adams told Oodua Voice Radio and Magazine that this year’s event is unique as it witnessed a large turnout of participants from the fold of OPC, particularly, members of the OPU, who trooped in from outside the country to identify with their race in celebrating Oduduwa, the father of Yoruba.
“The fact that we are here, more in number than we were last year is a testimony that we are advancing as a group. We are not static and we are not barren. We are waxing stronger in strength. We have been able to install sanity in OPC by identifying the bad eggs and weeding them away to give room for unfettered implementation of our agenda for the race.
“The Yoruba believes so much in the spirit of Omoluabi. We are repository of knowledge and good moral. That is why we have been able to tower above every other race to becoming the reference point to all in the field of development and resourceful leadership,” he said.
On Friday, the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi will took the baton from the Ooni to host the OPU, as it will be holding its world congress in Oyo town.
Otunba Gani Adams is the Worldwide Convener of the Oodua Progressives Union.

Source:Oodua voice

Thursday, 26 January 2017

American Football: Nigerian Deji Olatoye helps Atlanta Falcons to Super Bowls glory bid

In less than three years after joining professional football, the Nigerian-American Deji Olatoye will be playing at his first Super Bowls this February. This follows the 44-21 victory of his Atlanta Falcons side over the Green Bay Parkers in the National Football Conference (NFC) semi-final last Sunday. That victory came with the coveted George Halas trophy, and the opportunity to contest the overall National Football League top prize with the victors at the semi final games of the rival conference, American Football Conference (AFC). The AFC will be represented by at the Houston final event on February 5 by seventh-time winners, and ninth-time finalists, New England Patriots, led by the legendry Tom Brady. Atlanta Falcons will only be making their second Super Bowls in history, the first being in 1999.

25-year old Olatoye, a cornerback, joined the Atlanta side in September 2016 after a move from Dallas Cowboys, and was promoted from practice to active squad just two months later. Olatoye, who grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, had played college football in the two universities he attended, University of Colorado and North Carolina A&T. Before that, he participated in a string of sporting activities going back to his high school days, including soccer, basketball and athletics. His four-foot, six-inches jump remains the high jump record in his alma mater, Dublin Scioto High School, Dublin, Ohio.

After the victory on Sunday, Olatoye kissed the Halas trophy and the photograph has gone viral.

 He also took time out to celebrate with his family who were in the stand the whole time. Olatoye is the son of Nigerian immigrants Oye and Ade Olatoye. The Olatoyes are originally from Okemesi in Ekiti State.

The United States was just officially demoted from a “full democracy” to “flawed democracy”

United States President, Donald Trump

The United States has been demoted — it is no longer a “full democracy,” but officially a flawed one, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, EIU.

The EIU issues an annual report, The Democracy Index, which ranks nations under four categories: full democracy, flawed democracy, hybrid regime and authoritarian regime.

The latest index, in which America’s score fell to 7.98 (8.00 is required to be a full democracy), is titled for a probable explanation: Democracy Index 2016, Revenge of the Deplorables.

The United States in now ranked below Japan, the top-rated flawed democracy, and above Italy, which is not known for its smoothness of political process.

The EIU report says the decline “reflects an erosion of confidence in government and public institutions over many years” as “public trust in government has been on a steady downward trend since shortly after the September 11th attacks in 2001.”

Donald Trump, who the report notes was elected by “exploiting this trust deficit and tapping into Americans’ anger and frustration with the functioning of their democratic institutions and representatives,” is not to blame. To wit, “his candidacy was not the cause of the deterioration in trust but rather a consequence of it.”

The Index attributes the fall from full democracy to multiple factors which have undermined confidence in institutes over the course of decades: the Vietnam War, Watergate scandal, Iraqs, and the housing/financial crisis of 2008-2009.

Drawing a resonant theme from the 2016 election, the EIU found “income inequality has also been a key underlying factor,” and is greater in the US than in other rich countries. “Studies show that higher income inequality reduces trust in others and social capital—this is linked to a notion of fairness,” says the report.

Another factor cited for the slide was deepening partisanship, contributed to by gerrymandering.
“The ideological entrenchment of congressional representatives fosters deadlock,” according to the EIU. “Bitter partisanship has developed, in part because many congressional districts have been redrawn in a way that gives one party a built-in advantage.”

This results in the inability to compromise, as “members of Congress fear a challenge in their party primaries, which are controlled by the party base, and are consequently incentivised to move to the right (for Republicans) or to the left (for Democrats).” That refusal to compromise, says the report, “reinforces a lack of confidence in Congress among voters.”

‘We know very well who exploited Africa’ – Erdogan

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said Turkey`s interest in Africa was not materialistic, implying Ankara did not aim to exploit the continent as others have in the past.

The Turkish president was in Mozambique on Tuesday evening as part of the second leg of his southeastern Africa tour.

“We know very well who exploited Africa,” Erdogan said Tuesday evening at a Turkish-Mozambique business forum with Filipe Nyusi, the country’s president.

The business forum was organized by the Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) in the capital Maputo.

“We know what Africa went through in the past, we know very well how they exploited Africa and we also know who exploited. The history of Africa is actually our bleeding wound,” the Turkish president said. “The delegation of businessmen accompanying me in this visit is the most beautiful manifestation of the interest the Turkish private sector has in Mozambique.”

“We are ready to share our experience […] with our African brothers,” Erdogan said at a news conference with his Mozambican counterpart Nyusi after a signing ceremony of six cooperation agreements.

Erdogan arrived in Tanzania on Sunday for a two-day official visit, the first stop of his Southeast Africa tour.

“Our ancestors have never had a colonial post in Africa in their millennial history,” Erdogan said in a speech at the Turkish-Tanzanian business forum on Monday.

“Our ancestors, who established states that spread across three continents have never acted with imperialist purposes in other regions,” he added.

He also said that the interest of the Turkish people in Africa was “one of the heart and the mind”.
“The United Nations is not impartial at the moment. The crisis is not over in the Middle East because [the UN] is not fair and the Middle East is still bloodied. This has not stopped in Africa either.

“These same troubles continue in Africa as well. Has Africa not been exploited for years? Has Africa`s gold, diamond, copper not been exploited and taken away?

“Didn`t they establish slave trade from these [practices]? […] Did the West not remain silent? Did they not get up and put their hands in our business? Did they say what’s happening? No, they never said, ” the Turkish president said.

The Turkish president is currently in Madagascar for the third and last leg of his southeastern Africa tour. He will head back to Turkey on Thursday. COM

Father and daughter convicted of incest after second baby - ordered to live apart for two years

A father and daughter have been ordered to stay away from one another after admitting to having a second child together.

The pair, aged 37 and 23, were forced to confess that they had resumed their incestual relationship after their son died from sudden infant death syndrome.

A judge in their hometown of Dunedin, New Zealand, has now ordered them to stay away from one another for two years.

The father was also barred from from coming within 100km (63 miles) of the South Island city. 

Calling it "very serious repeat offending", Judge Kevin Phillips said it "strikes at the heart of what the community would consider right and proper conduct," according to the Otago Daily Times.

The court heard that, the woman gave birth to their second child in June 2013.

When the baby died from sudden infant death syndrome three months later, police asked a pathologist to conduct a DNA test, which confirmed that the pair were the baby's biological parents.

The couple, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had already been convicted of incest in 2012 after the birth of their first child.

On that occasion they were sentenced to a supervision order and the father also received a community work order.

The court heard that the daughter is the child of the man’s relationship with his 30-year-old foster mother when he was just 13 years old.

He had little to do with his her as a child, but they began a sexual relationship shortly after they were reunited in 2010 when she was 16.

Judge Phillips said sentencing had been "an extremely difficult exercise".

He added that was concerned by the actions of her father, but said the daughter deserved "one final opportunity".

He told the father: "You need to be a master, the controller of what is now put in place, you need to be disciplined and solid in regards to your non-association with your co-defendant … it has to end totally now."

As well as the contact ban he also sentenced him to six months’ community detention.

'Recruitment into the Nigerian army is free, be wary of fraudsters'

The attention of the Nigerian Army (NA) has been drawn to activities of fraudsters demanding money from applicants of the 76 Regular Recruits Intake for trades/non trades men and women. The fraudsters posing as army officers with the names, Lieutenant Femi and Lieutenant GbengaDanjuma respectively, operate with the GSM number 08165007425.

​The NA wishes to state that the processing of application forms into the Army is free of charge. Applicants are advised to log on to to process their application forms or if in doubts, call the following phone numbers: 08038575725 or 08061541440.

​While effort is ongoing to track and apprehend the fraudulent syndicates, the general public should note that the NA does not charge applicants money or gratification for whatever reasons. The public is therefore encouraged to report any person or group parading himself or herself as an agent of the NA for the ongoing recruitment exercise.

​The general public is also advised to be wary of dubious offers of recruitment especially through the internet and report such offers or person to the nearest Nigerian Army unit orformation and Police Stations.

​You are please requested to disseminate this information to the general public through your medium. Thank you for your usual cooperation.

Brigadier General 


The Inspector General of Police, IGP Ibrahim K. Idris NPM mni, has embarked on an official visit to London on the invitation of SO15, the London Metropolitan Police Service.

The SO15 is part of the Metropolitan Police Service Counter Terrorism Command that works for the protection of London and the United Kingdom, against threats of terrorism.

This visit is part of the gains of the International donor platform established by the IGP on assumption of office in June, 2016 to empower Police personnel in modern techniques of fighting organized crimes.

Although terrorism is being rapidly degraded in Nigeria, owing to the steadfastness of the Nigerian security system, there are collateral challenges confronting the nation such as kidnap for ransom, ethnic clashes and politically motivated murder.

The visit will discuss areas of provision of working tools and capacity building

Contrary to the compelling objectives of the planned visit, however, some sections of the Nigerian online and print media are disseminating invented and incorrect stories, and misrepresenting facts regarding the official visit of the IGP to the United Kingdom.

For the avoidance of doubt, the IGP did not lead “a high powered delegation” to visit President Mohammadu Buhari, who is on vacation in London. The visit of IGP to London while the President is on vacation is merely coincidental.

Indeed, the present visit to the United Kingdom by the IGP will not be the first time the nation’s top security chief will be consolidating on pre-existing protocols and collaborations with other countries across the world, in the quest for a more secure Nigeria and by extension, a safer world.

The media is once again enjoined to always cross check their facts rather than hide under the convenient guise of “unconfirmed sources,” to peddle mischief and mislead the public.

The Nigeria Police Force will continue to partner with the media in the attainment of National Security Goals

GOC Charges Troops on Neutrality... Police Boss in London for Counter-terrorism Partnership

The General Officer Commanding (GOC) 82 Division Nigerian Army (NA), Major General Adamu AbUbakar has today the 25 January 2017, concluded a working visit to Formations and Units under his command.

The final phase of the visit ended in 72 Special Forces Battalion and the Nigerian Army  School of Military Engineering Makurdi, Benue State.

In the two places, General Abubakar and his team were briefed on the operational and administrative states of the Unit and the Engineering School.  Where necessary, professional guidance and directives were given by the GOC with the view to enhancing the overall operational and administrative effectiveness of the Unit and the School.

In his address to the Officers, Soldiers and Civilian Personnel of the institutions, General AbUbakar reiterated the commitment of the NA's leadership to the welfare of personnel and their families in the areas of decent living accommodation, medicals, pay and allowances and other basic necessities.

"In all the Formations, Units and NA Schools in 82 Division that I visited, one thing appears consistent and recurrent, and that is, - the ongoing building and renovation of Officers' and Soldiers' Living Quarters".. We saw this in 13 Brigade, Calabar, 14 Brigade Ohafia, Abia State, 34 Brigade Owerri, Imo State and 24 Support Engineer Regiment in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. Other ongoing accommodation construction are - in the Nigerian Army Language Institute at Ovim, Abia State, and what we just inspected here in 72 Special Forces Battalion" - General AbUbakar stated.

While addressing troops of 72 Battalion, the GOC sensitized them on their constitutional duties and the peculiar responsibility of maintaining law and order in Benue and other contagious States. "Let me remind you of the precarious security situations in your Area of Responsibility - these are - issues of Communal, Ethnic and Farmers - Herdsmen clashes as well as the Agatu Crisis". .. In all these security challenges, you must be more vigilant, discipline and proactive" - the GOC opined.

"Wherever you are drafted either for peace enforcement or peace keeping,  - the basic principles of Internal Security Operations apply, and you must strictly adhere to them or risk going to jail. Consequently, while on duty, especially in very likely crisis areas like Agatu, Vandeikya, Logo and Katsina - Ala axis, you must remain neutral and ready to justify (with sufficient/compelling evidence) your individual and group action (s) or inaction (s)"  - General Abubakar hammered.

The GOC commended the troops for their dedication, commitment and discipline. He urged them to maintain the professional standards the NA is noted for, as the NA of today has zero tolerance for indiscipline.


By Hakeem Bello

The attention of the Office of the Hon. Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola SAN has been drawn to another sensational offering from the platform of the Premium Times.

Without doubt, the so called “Special Report” with the screaming headline  “Works Minister, Fashola, in N166 billion contract mess” fits perfectly into an emerging pattern by Premium Times to create fiction, avoid obvious facts and sensationalise headlines in  order to draw  attention and sell its struggling platform.

Barely two weeks ago, the same Premium Times published a similarly fabricated report with the mischievous headline, “EXCLUSIVE: Buhari administration plotting to break Nigerian law in award of $800 million contract.”

It is a known fact that the media industry, like other sectors, in the economy, faces challenges thrown up by the recession.  Indeed, the challenges of the media industry precede the recession.  However, while the Federal Government and well meaning Stakeholders, including the media, are working assiduously to address the challenges, constantly muckraking and deliberately maligning public officials and institutions should not replace the age long responsibility of the media to hold government accountable to the populace.

Examining the mischievous report published by Premium Times readily shows the obvious contradictions and the less than altruistic intentions therein.

To start with, the report established the fact that there was an Evaluation Committee made up of a Chairman and Members who are ranking professionals in their own right.  Even by its own admission, the report that went to the Bureau of Public Procurement  (BPP) was the work of the Evaluation Committee which does not have the Hon. Minister as member.

Except the publication was insinuating that the Committee colluded to perpetrate fraud for itself and the Ministry, which is not the case, then going  to town about “Fashola” being in a “contract mess” leaves much to be desired.

The Premium Times contradicted itself by alleging a “contract mess” and yet admitted  that the Ministry of Power, Works and[LA1]  Housing followed Due Process by advertising projects to be awarded and sending the list of selected contractors to the Bureau of Public Procurement.  If the Ministry does what is expected of it by law and the institution of Government that it went to did its job, in what way does it amount to a “mess”?

It is pertinent to inform Nigerians that as at this moment, no new contracts have been awarded to date based on the 2016 Appropriation and as such no single kobo has been paid. The ‘contract mess’ which Premium Times sought to mislead Nigerian citizens with is an exchange of correspondence between two government institutions to which the Ministry has adequately responded.

It is worrisome that whilst Premium Times devoted its journalistic energy to the correspondence from the Bureau of Public Procurement, it failed to inform its readers of the response of the Ministry which comprehensively addressed all the issues raised in the Bureau’s referenced report. Is journalism now a one-way traffic?

For the avoidance of doubt, the statutory role of the Bureau of Public Procurement is to vet contracts to be awarded depending on the threshold.  At the end of its work, it either issues a Due Process Certificate of ‘No Objection’ or withholds it.  Indeed, even if it issues a Certificate of No Objection, the last approving authority for the threshold of jobs so sensationally reported by Premium Times is the Federal Executive Council and not the Hon. Minister or the Permanent Secretary of the Awarding Ministry.  It should be noted that the BPP has the final decision on contract prices and in previous memos from the Ministry, the Bureau had  reviewed the cost of contracts.

In a regime emphasising Due Process and underscoring efficient institutions, it should be a source of worry if the BPP certifies every piece of document that goes to it as being okay.  So rather than sensationalise public institutions doing its job, it would be advisable for media organisations to educate its personnel on how the procurement system works.

Indeed, it is curious to note, that the frivolous allegations being published by Premium Times and most times often instantly “boosted” across social media platforms seems to have gained currency with the resolve of the Federal Government under the leadership of President Muhammdu Buhari to make budgets work for the people through faithful execution of projects across the country.  In the locust years of miserable budgetary allocations to capital development, with scant regard for Due Process, it would seem all was well.  A question that should aptly end this clarification meant to set the records straight is: “What do  ‘they‘ want?”

Hakeem is the Special Adviser, Communications to the Hon. Minister 

Unilever committed to the growth of Nigeria’s economy

L-R: Managing Director, Unilever Nigeria Yaw Nsarkoh; Wife of the Kaduna State Governor, Hajia Aisha El-Rufai; Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai and  President, Unilever Africa, Bruno Witvoet during the courtesy visit by Bruno Witvoet to the Kaduna State Governor on Tuesday 24.01.17

The Africa President of Unilever, Mr. Bruno Witvoet, has reiterated the company’s commitment to actively contribute to enhancing local manufacturing in Nigeria. 

Mr Bruno said this during the visit to the Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai. He was accompanied on the visit by the Leadership Team of Unilever Nigeria.

The Africa president commended the development strategy of the Governor of Kaduna State in ensuring the state is inclusive in economic growth and socio-economic transformation which translates into substantial improvements in the quality of lives of Kaduna citizens. 

In the same vein, Mr. Witvoet signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with the Governor of Kaduna State on the Kaduna Emergency Nutrition Action Plan (KADENAP) which is an initiative championed by the Wife of the Governor, Hajia Aisha (Ummi) Garba El-Rufai aimed at tackling Anaemia/Malnutrition in the State. This is in furtherance to the company’s Sustainability Strategy- Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP). 

In his response, Governor El-Rufai commended the company for their efforts in the sustainable development of Kaduna State. He reassured the team of the government’s assistance whenever there is an expansion plan within and outside of the state.

Attempted Arrest: Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Ministry Breaks Silence, Warns Buhari

Following the attempted arrest earlier this morning of Apostle Johnson Suleman, the president and founder of Omega Fire Ministry worldwide by officials from the Department of State Security (SSS), the church management has issued a press release condemning the development.

The statement jointly signed by Dr. Sule Emmanuel, senior pastor, OFM South Africa Churches and Director of Media (OFM Worldwide) and Barrister Samuel Amune Esq, Coordinator, OFM Legal Team Worldwide, reads;

“This is to inform the millions of followers and supporters of Apostle Johnson Suleman all over the world that the man of God is very safe, and that the attempted arrest by the Department of State Security on the man of God on the instruction and orders of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari was unsuccessful.

Over the last couple of months, thousands of defenseless Christians have been killed across various cities in Nigeria, with nearly a thousand so far killed in southern Kaduna alone. Shockingly, there has been no firm statement or action by the Nigerian government to stop these destruction of lives and properties neither has any one been arrested or charge to court, largely because these senseless killings are been perpetrated by kinsmen of the President. And because of the body language of the President, these killings have progressively increased.

However, Apostle Johnson Suleman, in his love for Nigeria and as God’s representative to the people, has refused to keep quiet about all these immoral happenings, and he has continued to speak truth to people in position of authority; calling on the government to do the needful, and protect the citizens. Only recently, God’s servant, Apostle Johnson Suleman was forced to call on Christians all over Nigeria to defend themselves against these killers since the spate of killings has been on the rise. Interestingly, the call by the man of God for the Christians to take caution and defend themselves where necessary has become the core focus of the Nigerian government, despite the fact that it has evidently failed to protect her people. It is now determined to exploit the instruments of the State to go after the man of God.

Typical of a tyrannical government, while the man of God was in Ekiti State–Nigeria for a crusade which held at the Ekiti State Pavilion, the government of President Buhari ordered two truck-load of fully armed DSS officers to forcefully arrest the man of God, but the people and the government of Ekiti-State overwhelmingly resisted the arrest.

Let it be on record that this assault occurred around 1am in the morning of 25/01/2017. Apostle Johnson Suleman is not facing any corruption charges neither is there any petition against him. The attempted arrest being masterminded by the PRESIDENCY against him is unconstitutional, morally wrong and procedurally defective.

This country was founded on the principles of equality before the law and justice. There should be strict adherence to the Spirit and Letters of our Constitution and nobody should be treated as a common criminal. As the country belongs to every one of us irrespective of religion, sex and social status.

By the way, the man of God in his prophecies for the year 2017 which he issued before the end of 2016 had already informed the public how God showed him that in 2017 the government of President Buhari will come after him because of his stand against the policies and actions of the government. But God is ever faithful to protect his Anointed from the oppressors.

All over the world, no responsible government ever makes religious leaders their object of attack, but they would rally round religious leaders to see how to forestall any crisis and foster unity. History has shown that when you make religious leaders objects of attack, the repercussions are very grave.

Beyond just being an esteemed and beloved preacher of the gospel, Apostle Johnson Suleman is a renowned philanthropist and statesman. On a weekly basis, he sponsors widows, jobless graduates and several Nigerians to start businesses and give meaning to their lives, while also giving scholarships to countless number of people to obtain university education.

All these self-sacrificing philanthropic gestures are not directly or indirectly funded by the church, but directly from Apostle Johnson Suleman’s private resources and from his several business interests.

Even with the present needless sufferings and hardship the present government of President Buhari has plunged Nigerians into, Apostle Johnson Suleman has remained undeterred and consistent in doing his best in alleviating the sufferings of the people. While in Ekiti, he doled out over One Million Naira to certain people who had various financial challenges. These individuals were strangers to him, but because they are fellow Nigerians, he considers them his brothers and sisters, and he just had to do something to end their despair. This is the kind of good heart the man of God, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has for his country and his compatriots.

We are hereby calling on the Nigerian government to put a stop to senseless attacks on Christian leaders, especially Apostle Johnson Suleman. These are leaders and beacons of hope whose integrity and teachings have kept this country in unity and consistently given hope to millions of Nigerians faced with hunger, neglect, abuse and ill-treatment from the government they optimistically voted into power.

We will like to inform the government of Nigeria that Omega Fire Ministry has numerous branches of her ministry in over 51 nations, (with over 500,000 membership in Nigeria alone) and all our National churches have been mandated to take our protest letter to the Nigerian Embassy in all these nations, and to inform the government of the respective nations of the despotic and tyrannical approach of the government of President Buhari to Christians and Christian leaders in Nigeria. We also make bold to say that we shall employ all means whatsoever legally permissible to seek redress and defend ourselves and our Apostle should the Presidency continue this senseless attack. It is unacceptable that the killers of the people are not being arrested, but respected men of God are made object of attacks by the institutions of government.

We like to unequivocally state that Apostle Johnson Suleman believes in the progress and unity of Nigeria, and this will remain the core of all his messages. However, no intimidation from the government will stop him from speaking the truth to the government, and standing in defense of the defenseless.

We believe that the greater and brighter days of this country are very close-by, and God in His judgment will surely displace the enemies of his people, regardless of how highly placed they are.

Apostle Johnson Suleman will continue praying for the good of Nigeria, and for the Almighty God to guide her leaders’ right.

In conclusion, we use this medium to call on the government of President Buhari to heed the call of all Nigerians, and step-up in his leadership! Protect the people. Stop the mindless killings going on daily in Nigeria. Stop the unwarranted persecution against the church, the Christian community and the wanton destruction of churches. As father of the nation, let your body language and your voice be visibly heard as leader of a united Nigeria.
God bless Nigeria.”

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Bombers' Attempts on Mosque, Security Post Foiled

Attempts by Suicide Bombers to attack a mosque and a security post in Borno State were foiled by vigilant security men and volunteers.

PRNigeria gathered that the incidents occurred at Usmanti and Kaleri area of Mafa Local Government Area of Borno State. 

The first attack occurred late midnight of Tuesday, January 24, 2017 when the suicide bomber targeted a security outpost in the area but was quickly spotted and was blown off after a shot from securitymen.  No casualty was involved except the male suicide bomber.

The second attempt occurred during the early morning prayer at 5:30am today when two suicide bombers, a male and female, attempted to enter a mosque while prayer was on.

They were spotted by security volunteers (Civilian JTF) who accosted them. The terrorists detonated their explosives which killed them on the spot and one security volunteer. Two other people were injured.

Meanwhile the Spokesperson of National Emergency Management Agency  (NEMA) in the North-East, Abdulkadir Ibrahim confirmed that rescue workers have evacuated the bodies to mortuary after the incidents.