Friday, 12 October 2012

31 Yr old married woman caught having sex with 67yr old Boss


(A reader sent me this)
.If You Are The One...What Will You Do......?
 he photo above shows a 31 yr old married woman and a 67year old married man caught point blank naked having s£x in a chalet. From the photo, the lady though cover her face as not to be identified.
 But unfortunately for her, she has been 

 finally identified as a Diezani, a mother of two. 

 According to source, this old man climbing this young lady is simply known as Mr Reuben who is equally her 'Oga' in the office in one of the federal ministries.
 According to source, Diezani's husaband (name withheld) contacted Mr Reuben to help secure a job for his wife in one of the federal government ministries which he (Reuben) work for. To cut story short Mr Reuben actually facilitates Diezani's employment and she was subsequently offered employment.
According to source, Diezani's husband offered numerous gift to mr Reuben for his assistance but each time Reuben rejects the gift and told him he just did it (Dieziani's employment) as a kind gesture. 

 However, as soon as Diezani got employed and started work, My Reuben immediately becomes a Mechanic servicing Diezani somebody else's wife. Bubble busted when a Barn-again colleague of Diezani, who always see them around a local chalet in his area couldn't stomach this shameless act immediately contacted the Husband. 
 Finally, during one of their pumping session, the two adulterous couple got busted by Diezani's husband. The latest matter now is Divorce, Diezani has been sent packing.

source: Hazeez Balogun blogspot

Monday, 8 October 2012

Hurrray! 1st Lady Is Hale and Hearty As President Visits Germany

The questions as regards the state of health of Nigeria's 1st lady, Dame Patience Jonathan can be put to rest now.
We can authoritatively confirm that she is back on her feet and was her cheerful self  when her hubby and President of Nigeria visited Germany to see her.