Friday, 26 October 2012

Strange Things Men Do For Love

Most times as men our lust drives makes us do silly things just to show her we
cared but as you grow older you view those act as childish though may be

Paul :Mine was writing her exam for her after
boasting for her friends that i wont get
caught which i scaled through but i have
to jump from up when i was spotted
though i have submitted her paper then.
well the girl later left me, this days i see it
as; was i drugged or mad?

Comment From other Peeps

Donlouise: Wrote a later 2 my babe back
den in d barracks. Na so I carry d leta give
1 small boy make e go give d babe 4 her
house na so dis boi carry my luv leta go
give d babe papa my trashing dat day na
die. In d leta I told her 2 meet me @ our
secret place instead it was her fada dat
showed up d rest na history

isaco: Emotion can mis lead. Woman can
convince, lov can make one mad. I
Assisted her to get house rented, but with
her money and later found another man
banging her inside the house.

annawhite: buying designers for her while
you move about in a highly starched
okirika shirt and trousers

annawhite: starving just to save enough
money to take her to a fast food centre!

adam: I wil take her 2 mr biggs,2 buy ice
cream nd chickens,nd i will come back 2
eat tuwo nd miyan kuka.

elari: Not using a condom because she
claimed she wasn't enjoying it, that action
gave me candidaisis, the itching after 2
days na die. Which she leta claim would
be from the girls hostels toilet and not her
skankerous attitude

disloma: d day i met ha at ikotun n told
me thank God,she found n she doesn't av
t fare 2 egbeda had 2 giv my last #100 on kon trek 2 orelope.wheneva dat
thot comes my mind,i laughed like 2moro
no dey

humbleservant:I took mine to a fast food,
told the attendant to first bring a plate for
my girl. After which i asked, how much?
She said 600 naira. And i was with 620 in
my pocket. And i was badly hungry. When
d attendant asked whether to serve me, i
told her to forget. The babe asked, why? I
said i don't feel like eating anything

adufaye: There was one day we were
coming home from somwhere,and the
sole of her shoe removed,I had to give her
my pam,and trekked a long distance
home,barefooted.(No shoemaker was
I don mumu for love,and she don leave
me for anoda man.

Jilo83: Travelled 2 meet her twice in a wk.

fizuel: na season one be that.. For season
2.. I call girl everyday and every9te for
seven months exactly, send card, put
money for her account.. Her total time
spent on callin me during that time was
less than 5mins.. Honestly.. I woke up one
morning and asked her what she has
contributed to the relationship..she
couldn't say anything, few days later we
broke up..

stevewale: Always making me to wash her
pant anytime we are bathing together.
Hahahahahaha!!! I feel silly anytime I
thought of it now

abraj: silliest thing i did is when i escorted
her to her hostel at mid nyt.....whem
heading back to my hostel i saw hell and
regret my action.

PICOLO, i wrote exam for his sick girl
friend. He was caught by Talabi just for
the girl to deny ME.

dnawah: Fainted after donating blood to
her,and she dedicated herself to me.(she
here now

Suigenerisshegs: I wntd to surprise her
with a gift,so i hid in a thick bush along
the path she normally takes,i waited 4
hours but she didn't show up,a wild thorn
wrecked havoc on my left arm,had to visit

iykofias: Stayin wit her in hospital during myexam period.

source: facebook