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Obadare’s burial gulped N96m, reveals first son

Costs incurred during the burial of the late Apostle Timothy Obadare of the World Soul Winning Evangelistic Ministry, WOSEM, totaled N96 million, according to his eldest son, Pastor Paul Obadare.
But observers believe N96 million was too huge an amount to be spent on the burial of a humble man of God such as Obadare.
Most of the clergymen contacted this morning refused to speak on the amount spent on the burial which is believed to be too high for man who lived a modest life devoid of flamboyance and ostentation.
They rather preferred to remain quiet, saying their response may stir more controversies.
•The late Prophet Obadare
•The late Prophet Obadare

Obadare, a blind seer, was buried last weekend at Ilesa, Osun State, western Nigeria.
The funeral ceremony brought thousands of Nigerians together irrespective of their religion.
The Osun State Government released N35 million for the event, but Obadare’s son said what the family spent was far more than that amount.
He said the casket in which the corpse was buried was procured with N5 million.
Apart from this, he said, N61 million was spent on the construction a mausoleum, the final resting place of the late seer, while another N30 million was spent on entertainment.
While commending the Osun State Government for the donation, he said the money given by the state government was part of the amount spent. He said many other people contributed to the burial.
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News From OANDO

Oando to build 50 mega stations in five years
OANDO Marketing, a subsidiary of Oando Plc, has unveiled plans to build 10 mega stations every year  within the next five years across major cities in the country.

  The Chief Operating Officer of the company, Olaposi Williams, said that each station would have the capacity to dispense at least three trucks of Premium Motor Spirit per day.

  She said that the new stations, which was one-stop shop, would be located in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and other major cities in the East, North and West.

  According to her, Lagos would have the largest share with 50 per cent, Federal Capital Territory 30 per cent, while East and North would get 10 per cent each.

  "We hope to build 10 mega stations every year in the next five years, which will bring the number to 50. We are repositioning our retail outlets across the country especially filling stations that have been driving our volume. Before now we had over 1,000 stations but we have 338 of them that are dispensing over a million liters per month, about three trucks per day. In the last one year, we have upgraded 10 stations in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja" Williams said.

  She added that the plan of the organisation was to build at least 10 stations in a year, noting that nothing would be compromised by the company in its bid to achieve the best standards in dispensing fuel to its customers. 

  On the issue of under dispensing to customers, Williams said" "We don’t compromise on this. We have our monitoring team that goes to our outlets daily to check. Any dealer caught in such act loses his or her contract with us. We don’t condone such act. We tell them every day and it is also stated in the agreement we signed with them. Nothing will make us to compromise our stations’ integrity. This is in line with our vision to have a quality station. If such station does not meet our standard we seal it up.

She said that the company would continue to upgrade its mega stations across the country to international standard.  "We want to ensure that our fillings stations are beautiful and inviting to customers.  We want a situation whereby customers will see it as a thing of pride to purchase our product."

  Oando Marketing is a fully owned subsidiary of Oando PLC. As the nation’s leading oil marketing retailer, we sell and distribute our products via our over 500 retail service stations and over 500 industrial customers cutting across the different geographical zones in Nigeria. Oando Marketing also has two operational subsidiaries in Ghana and Togo with over 40 service stations. This leading position is associated with our successes in the petroleum products marketing business.

  As the nation’s leading oil retailer, with one in every five litres of petroleum products being sold or distributed by Oando Marketing via its over 500 retail service stations and strategically located terminals, we have continuously ensured products supply and availability in Nigeria and West Africa.

  Oando Marketing offers a wide range of products including Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Automotive Gas Oil (AGO also known as Diesel), Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK), Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK), Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO), Lubricating Oils and Greases, Insecticides, Bitumen, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG, also known as Cooking gas) and Oando insecticide.

Delta Hosts Guild Of Editors Conference In Asaba (Pictures)

BON Celebrates Ngosi Nwosu @ 50

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, all protocols observed, I am Dr Alozie Ndubuka and I am honored to have been invited today by the organizers of this event to speak on the topic: Keeping Nollywood veterans alive as part of events in honor of Ngozi Nwosu, a highly respected and revered actress. I would like to start by saluting this actress for the laughter she has brought into many homes through the hilarious antics of her character in Fuji house of commotion. It is thus gratifying to learn that Ngozi who was struck down by certain health challenges has made remarkable recovery from the ill health that sought to claim her from us. We rejoice with you Ngozi and wish you the best.
Ngozi's progress, is a sweet respite from the tragic death that has afflicted many Nollywood veterans especially in the last two years. I recall with a heavy heart such icons like Sam Loco-efe, James Iroha, Enebeli Elebuwa, Justus Esiri, Pete Eneh, Ashley Nwosu, Geraldine Ekeocha to mention but a few who have departed this World when we needed them most. For these departed celebrities, I wish to crave your indulgence that we respectfully rise and observe a minute silence in their honor. May their souls rest in perfect peace. Amen.
How do we keep our veterans alive? How do we ensure that our veterans remain to entertain us and inspire the younger generation of actors.

To do justice to this topic, we must consider certain salient points.
1) The natural ageing process that occurs in every human.
2) The lifestyle of those in the film industry especially those that have achieved celebrity status.
3) The tendency of most Nigerians including the nollywood family to seek medical care only when very sick.
4) The societal pressures and expectations these people face daily.

Ageing: This is one of the unavoidable biological outcomes of life. With each year that passes, the cells of the various organs of the body go through cycles of metabolism to generate energy for its daily functions and the individual's well being. These circles of metabolism unfortunately also creates harmful waste products in form of free radicals etc. These deleterious outcomes of metabolism damage the cells/organs over time, thereby reducing organ functionality and affects the whole individual. This is natural ageing. This we all cannot escape, but we can age gracefully.

Lifestyle: This plays a very important role in the individual. I have in my practice, related variously with public figures both within the entertainment industry and the political spectrum, and I can tell you that there is a clear difference between those who live a healthy lifestyle and those who do not. Success in any human endeavor is intoxicating. It inflicts the susceptible individual, with an aura of invisibility and creates in him/her a demigod persona. This breeds bad habits like smoking, excessive alcohol intake, poor diet, lack of exercise etc. These traits are common even in Nollywood, and can if unchecked, lead to collagen breakdown and a resultant premature ageing and other health concerns like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, personality changes, organ failures(like kidney failure) etc.

Seeking medical care late: This is a trend common not only in Nollywood, but within the Nigerian nation. Amongst our entertainment figures, the fear of our soft sell magazines going to town with unflattering health news (both true and false) of them keep them away from hospitals until too late. The adage that a stitch in time save nine reads true when it comes to early presentation in health related issues.

Societal demands/expectations: To the common man out there Nollywood actors are wealthy. Even the kidnappers believe so. People sometimes view you in the images of the characters you play, and thus you get bombarded with unsolicited admiration or castigation. You get pestered with requests for financial assistance from relatives, friends and fans, some of which you find yourself unable to turn down. This creates stress, which can affect life ultimately.

I have highlighted some challenges that can affect the life expectancy of a celebrity, now permit me a few minutes to make a few suggestions on how to keep our beloved veterans alive.

A) Live a healthy lifestyle: You should avoid substance abuse, eat healthy meals that are balanced in their contents. These are important for the veterans and even more-so for the upcoming artistes.
B) I would like to see the establishment of a health intervention fund to cater for unforeseen health events amongst actors and actresses. This fund can be sourced from proceeds from the sale of films, and should be an obligatory component of production budgets.
C) Actors should as a rule endeavor to organize for themselves more health seminars in which topical issues will be taken by health professionals.
D) I will like to see a Nollywood that has at every production set, medical personnel whose duties as retained observers will include catering to the health needs of the casts and crew. These Doctors will also serve as advisers when medical roles are being played.
E) Every celebrity should recognize himself/herself as first of all a human being and, must as such have regular medical check ups. Don't wait until you are sick before visiting the hospital. A twice yearly health check should be made a mandatory prerequisite before an actor can be cast for any role. Any producer who casts an actor in any role without a medical certificate of fitness should be made criminally liable should anything happen to that actor both while filming and in the period immediately following the filming.
F) Finally, do not shoulder responsibilities you cannot bear. You are human. Let go of some demands even from close friends.

Ladies and gentlemen, keeping to these simple tenets will improve and promote our lives. As we enjoy the ever improving films that the Nollywood family make available to us, we will be happy to know that those artists dear to us will remain in good health to keep entertaining us for a time much longer than our dearly departed icons had. Long live our Nollywood veterans. Thank you.
Dr Alozie Ndubuka

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

More Pictures From 'ISESE DAY CARNIVAL' In Osun State

We bring to u,exclusive pictures from the ISESE DAY CARNIVAL that took place yesterday in Oshogbo,Osun State.

Pictures ..Chief Mrs Yemisi Canty

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Osun Governor Gets Second Term Nod From Traditional Worshippers As He Declares Public Holiday For "ISESE DAY"

Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola made history as the first Governor to grant a public holiday for traditional religious worshipers to celebrate the annual ISESE FESTIVAL. The ancient city of Osogbo was agog today as the worshipers divided into the 30 local government areas in Osun State.


Arrival of participants.
Arrival of dignitaries and government functionaries.
Arrival of the Governor, national / osun anthems.
Iwure ibere, recognition of dignitaries.
Welcome remarks by Chief Awopetu idowu.
Opening remarks by Prof Wande Abimbola.
Cultural displays and lecture "traditional rulers at d crossroads of tradition and faith" by Mrs Adeola Faleye  Dept of Linguistics and African Languages, OAU.
Parade of colours n performances by clustered religious groups
Special iwure for the state of Osun, Governor Aregbesola, Nigeria n the Universe.
Good will messages, address by the Gov
Presentation of award and public endorsement of Mr gov for second term.
 Vote of thanks by Chief Yemi Elebuibon and Iwure Imurele.
Music Entertainment  by Fuji artist, Saheed Osupa

Oyinkansola Elebuibon Reporting from Osogbo...additional pictures by Yemisi Canty

Monday, 19 August 2013

Mystery As Tope Alabi's Estranged Pastor Dies.... His last moments

Pastor Ireti Ajanaku the General Overseer of  Christ Victory Chapel International, Oluwaga bus stop, Ayobo, Ipaja, Lagos, is dead. The light skinned pastor who popular gospel singer Tope Alabi once worshiped and idolized died in his home town in Gbogan, Osun State where he was rushed to last week when he became bed ridden due to a strange ailment which was not made public.
He died on Saturday,but church members were kept in the dark till sunday when he was not seen in the church, some members went to his residence where they met his wife in mourning mood.
Pastor Ajanaku was months back in the eye of the media over a rift with Tope Alabi who he accused of begging him for sex and other stuffs that Christians are not to do.
As at this morning the family of the late Pastor are meeting to decide on his burial and Church management.